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Welcome to Arcticold.


 Here is some information on our New Lifetime Warranty Cooling Systems


 We do not buy out units from someone else. You are buying direct from the Manufacturer. You are a buying Brand New (Not Remanufactured) Cooling System from Arcticold.

You are saving Hundreds dealing direct with Arcticold.


 These cooling units are built from scratch.  Every bit of the cooling unit is new tubing, 50% thicker than the OEM's.  There is no need for any type of recall for Arcticold Cooling units.   No thin wall tubing is used like the original manufacturer, which gave problems needing the recall patch.  Also the boiler and evaporator areas are re designed to meet our specs, that will give a much colder than normal refrigerator


 Why buy a Remanufactured or New Cooling Unit from any other builder. With ours, you get the best price and best Warranty. For example-If you purchase a Remanufactured unit for $425.00 and add your shipping and taxes and return shipping of the old core, you will be paying about $561.00 for a Remanufactured unit with a 3 to 5 Year Warranty. We offer a


 Brand New Unit for $580.00, which includes a Lifetime Warranty , with no core to send back.


 Why buy a New Cooling Unit from any other builder? You will pay $700.00 plus tax by the time you receive it. Your cost with us is $580.00 . That’s it. You will also receive our Lifetime Warranty on the Cooling System. Not Five years, like our competitors. This also includes a 2 year warranty on shipping and 2 years on the labor (up to $150.00).


 Dealing direct with Arcticold also brings more advantages, like Technical Support. We have technicians available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any questions you may have. Dealing direct with the manufacturer of the product you are installing has huge advantages. Another great advantage to purchasing an Arcticold Cooling System is Logistics. We currently have 4 warehouses in the United States, where we ship out of Maine, Georgia, Texas and California. This reduces shipping time, which is important when the customer needs it fast.


 As far as some builders, stating they are the only ones building Dometic and Norcold cooling systems from scratch.

This is Not true.

 We are Arcticold.

Manufacturing Brand New Lifetime Warranty Cooling Systems. We operate in a 9600 square foot facility with 10 employees. We use the latest in tubing and fabrication equipment. All our bending and cutting machines are CNC controlled. This allows for accurate repetitive consistency. This is very important when it comes to manufacturing RV Refrigerator Cooling Systems from scratch.


 Here at Arcticold, we take a lot of pride in our work.  All our units are tested in a Temperature controlled room at 92 Degrees Fahrenheit to duplicate the temperature in which your RV Refrigerator operates during the summer Months, This, along with other stringent testing adds to our strict quality control policies.


 Most of our customers when first contacting us concerning their broken RV fridge will complain of an Ammonia smell or hearing a Gurgling noise. This is an indication; your Cooling System has failed and will need replaced. This is very easy to do. There is no specialty tools required. Most of the time, a Phillips screwdriver, small flat screwdriver, putty knife. 5/16 socket and a small pry bar will do the job. These are a sealed unit. You are not dealing with the refrigerant. Allow 1 to 3 hours to replace our cooling units. Removal and install instructions are available upon request before you make your purchase. We will need your model # and email address to send. We also have Video instructions available and offer technical support on any fridge problem.

You do not need to make a purchase to ask us technical questions. Our technicians are always available.




We would like to thank you for taking interest in our product. If you have any questions on our product or on your refrigerator, please don’t hesitate. We are available from 9 to 9 eastern, 7 days per week.




Thank you.